Online Automated Race Scoring by BCS
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Online Automated Race Scoring

Making it easy to have fun racing

An automated online system that calculates and displays race results ... instantly.

OARS race scoring pages are designed to be used on tablets or small laptops, as these are more common at sailing events. However it is useful to use a PC or large screen laptop for the initial setup, as there are some forms that are quite large and better viewed on a bigger screens. Especially once you start setting up the scoring groups for an event. Dont worry though, the race finish times input screens are compact and designed for even the smallest smartphone screen.

Pop-ups MUST be enabled, as all help pages and some setup subscreens use a pop up screen for simplicity.
For the geeks out there, the pages are all based on Bootstrap CSS so are responsive and SHOULD scale based on the screen size available. let us know if you have problems or would like to see changes.

The results pages are created without any styles so that they can easily have your own website CSS linked to create matching layouts - contact us to help set this up once you have an event. (Not available for free trial options though )


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